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My Story:

Hi, I’m Emily Guido, certified as a functional nutrition counselor and holistic health coach. I help people to uncover the underlying causes of their health challenges and improve their life through nutrition, lifestyle modifications and other natural modalities.

My passion is to empower and give hope to people like you to take control of your own health, no matter how complicated the health challenges may be. I want to help you discover the root causes of your ailments, how to use food, nutrition and lifestyle practices to bring all your body systems to the best state possible, i.e. functional state. 

My journey along the natural health path began with my own personal health struggles as well as the health of those close to me. An education in biochemistry and molecular biology did not help me to fully appreciate the connection between food and physiology. But real life experiences with friends and family taught me the value of diet and reframed my definition of what's is true health.

I had ‘old woman’ syndrome’ at age 36 with lead heavy legs, hardly able to stand for a few minutes to sing a song at church, nosebleeds without warning at anytime, and debilitating joint pains everywhere. I can get around but not able to enjoy my life and family very much. Through different learnings and open to new ideas, I stopped all gluten. Within one week, all my ache, pain, nosebleeds, joint pain, were all gone! Wow! Amazing to have my life back! What a blessing from the Lord! 

I have three boys and they all wrestled in high school so you can imagine the injuries and health issues that came with the territory. My oldest boy also had a lot of allergies. We had to decide on weekly allergy shots or acupressure and cupping. I chose the latter and it worked for him! So happy about that! 

With many friends and family with cancer diagnosis, the thought “What would I do when I’m diagnosed with cancer?’ started my quest for answers. As I'm learning about the healing power of super foods, natural herbs, energy medicine and others, the scientist in me still very skeptical of all this, but I kept digging deeper, and use these healing foods and practices in my own life, enjoying the benefits that I would love to share with the world! 

My parents were in their 90's and with their own health issues. Implementing non-traditional and alternative therapies were challenging. But they were the healthiest couple among their peers. They both went to heaven in 2019, mom was 91 and dad joined her at 96,10 months later. 

Between the losses of my parents, my husband collided with a trash truck while cycling to work. His bicycle was broken in half and helmet cracked! He had multiple broken bones and a titanium rod in his femur and screws to hold his wrist bones together. He also sustained a brain bleed that led to a TBI (traumatic brain injury) diagnosis. 

It was an emotional and scary time and I'd wondered how could I help him to recover? Returning home after 2 months in the hospital and residential rehab facility, we immediately added oxygen therapy, energy medicine in addition to PT, ST, and OT. No drugs were taken but replaced by a whole slew of nutraceutical supplements, supported by an anti-inflammatory diet. Long story short, the doctors hesitantly allowed the ‘bionic’ man to go back to work 6 months post-accident.

Mark’s accident opened our eyes to see the real gaps in our healthcare systems first hand. Doctors and health experts are critical to our modern society. Mark would not be where he is today without surgeries and therapies. However, most people are at the mercy of the health insurance company and their doctors, with protocols that may or may not make sense for their individual needs. People do not know they have other options to resolve their issues besides the conventional allopathic medicine.

My journey has opened my eyes to the HUGE variety of unfamiliar medicinal knowledge that we can discovered and re-discovered, to benefit our health and lives, if we allow ourselves to think and experience 'outside the box'.  

I hope my story will inspire you to seek natural and alternative remedies to everyday health issues, big or small. You may have chronic illness that seeped ever so quietly and slowly into your life, until symptoms started to scream so loud that it can’t be ignored anymore. This didn’t happen over night, nor will it vanish over night. Or you may have had an unexpected trauma like my husband. Life is just full of surprises!

Knowledge in the right direction will give you life and vitality, not confusion or chaos. Make the investment in yourself and learn to take control your own health. It will be my joy and privilege to be on your healthcare team that you can depend and trust. Don’t wait too long. Life is short and precious. I want you to thrive & enjoy the rest of your life!

Let’s connect: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I welcome your comments and questions. May God bless you!

Credentials: Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (Functional Nutrition Alliance), Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Bachelors of Arts (Biochemistry/UCSD), Molecular Biologist.

Disclaimer: None of the information on this website constitutes medical advice in any way, or claims cure or treatment of any medical condition. Always consult a medical doctor regarding any personal health issues.