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There are few diseases that scare people more than cancer and Alzheimer's disease. With cancer, people fear the treatment and the pain. With Alzheimer's, they fear losing their mind, their memories, and their relationships. Fortunately, researchers have discovered a polyphenol from a surprising source that can help prevent both. 

Polyphenols are often found in fruits and plant-derived beverages such as fruit juices, tea, coffee, and red wine.  Vegetables, cereals, chocolate, and dry legumes also contribute to the polyphenol intake. They act as antioxidants, block the formation of carcinogens, and modulate hormone receptors.

Research on effects of dietary polyphenols on human health has developed considerably in the past 10 yrs. It strongly supports a role in prevention of degenerative diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The mechanisms of action of polyphenols go beyond the modulation of oxidative stress. 

This one comes from fat. New research suggests it has powerful anti-cancer abilities and can even prevent Alzheimer's. 

This polyphenol is oleocanthal, one of the principle compounds in olive oil.  We've known for sometime that olive oil is great for protection of your heart due to the monounsaturaated fat. But in 2005, researchers found that oeocanthal actually provides significant anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammations is a major player in the cause of heart disease, but also in cancer as well.  

Now a study from the Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Louisiana at Monroe made the discovery that oleocanthal can protect your brain as well. It helps shuttle beta-amyloid proteins out of the brain.  Beta-amyloid is the plaque that builds up in your brain and destroys your brain's nerve cells.

In the study, the researcher found that in every case, the impact of oleocanthal on cultured brain cells of laboratory mice, boosted the prodution of two proteins and key enzymes that escort beta-amyloid out fo the brain.

Right now, this powerful nutrient is not in any supplment or food other than extra-virgin olive oil. A tablespoon or two every day is plenty. Add some to your salad today.

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