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Information from Earth Clinic - Brain Tumor Section

2/18/2012 From Ted: List of supplements that will specifically help brain cancer from my research -
Bovine Cartilabe, valerian, vitamin K3 only, vitamin D3 (4000 i.u.), vitamin A (100,000 i.u. - usually 4 capsule of 25,000 i.u.), kaempherol, caffeic acid, genistein, bee propolis (that has CAPE), low dose Naltrexone, antineoplaston, perilly alcohol (found in orange oil), betulinic acid, melatonin (20mg).

Harmful items to avoid: sugar, fructose, tryosine, artificial sugars, aspartame. 

The therapy initially consists of melatonin at night at least 20 mg daily. But this can be increased to 5 mg with every meal also.

The Low Dose Naltrexone is given at 1.5 mg at night along with vitamin B3 500 mg.

The daily dose to prevent the cancer from spreading requires 1000 mg Lysine Hydrochloride every hour for four hours in the morning and every hour for three hours in the evening for three days. The NAC must be capsule form at 100 mg each taken at the same frequency as Lysine, threonine helps with also, 500 mg. So the schedules goes like this:

8.00 am. Lysine 1000 mg, threonine 500 mg. N acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100 mg

9.00 am . Lysine 1000 mg, threonine 500 mg. N acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100 mg

10.00 am . Lysine 1000 mg, threonine 500 mg. N acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100 mg

11.00 am . Lysine 1000 mg, threonine 500 mg. N acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100 mg

8.00 pm . Lysine 1000 mg, threonine 500 mg. N acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100 mg

9.00 pm . Lysine 1000 mg, threonine 500 mg. N acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100 mg

10.00 pm . Lysine 1000 mg, threonine 500 mg. N acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 100 mg

After the fourth day onwards this is hourly for 3 hours, in morning or at night. Your choice.

The Low dose Natrexone shall be first week be given 1.5 mg at night, taken with vitamin B3 niacinamide, then thereafter is given 3.0 mg at night with vitamin B3.

The one aspect that has been ignored in medicine is the importance of getting the sugar down, normal targets for sugar are 80-90 mg/dL at least. There are two measures. One fasting blood sugar, must be BELOW 90 mg/dl, if one hour after meal must be below 100 mg/dL. If the after meals reflect above 100 mg/dL, something is wrong in the diet, pasta, carbohydrate, fats, oils, fruits, sucrose, glucose are some common ones. Avoid all snacks, ice cream, and vegetable oils as they are hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, or trans fatty acid.

The above protocol is to prevent cancer from spreading and significantly increase lifespan in cancer victims. The blood sugar alone (if within the range specified) will increase survival by 97% per year. The two supplements that are shown to reduce blood sugar the greatest are chromium polynicotinate (or chromium chloride) at 1000 mcg to 5000 mcg, and granulated lecithin at 500 mg x 2.

There is some evidence of typhoid vaccines injected into tumors or even indirectly, without the thimerosal, to increase attack of tumors by white blood cells. I can't confirm this, as there are no vaccines for me to test this on animals. But what I do know is there are a couple of supplements that will convert cancer cells to normal cells that I am aware of, DMSO and butyric acid. You can increase some amounts of butyric acid with Oat bran taken twice a day, at one cup each.

The blood sugar will be the main issue in resolving cancer that you will be busy at.

The supplements that help all cancers are selenium, B50 complex taken for 1 or 2 weeks, thereafter is taken once or twice a week, B3 can be taken at 3000 mg at divided dose of 10 where it is 300 mg each, and vitamin C ascorbic acid at 500 mg x 10 times a day.

CoQ10 ubiquinone is fine but is taken at 400 mg, but it is believed (theoretical) to ubiquinol 100 x 4.

These are the initial treatments that may help. As for the supplements, they should not have calcium, and you must not take calcium supplements, as they fuel cancer growth, that and fructose, and fats of any kind."


6/23/11 From Ted: As far as getting rid of tumors, first primary order is to reduce injuries because that's how tumor spread, by reduction of bruises through supplementing with the lysine, proline, glycine and vitamin C. You can add 1/8 - 1/4 tsp of baking soda to this formula, making it more alkaline. Additionally, you can help cellular recovery with centella asiatica and Aloe vera oil is my preferred ones. Centella asiatica powdered is giving at 1/4 teaspoon twice a day and aloe vera oil at 5 - 10 drops a day. The prime things to get rid of tumors is iodine Lugol's solution. Start with low dose 1 drop in 1 glass of water now it won't get rid of tumors at these levels, it needs at least 30 drops per day of Lugol's 2% iodine with 2.5% potassium iodine, spread over the day. If you can attain that level, it is given at 5 drops x 6 times a day. But you have to consider how well you can tolerate that, but it is almost no problem with one drop a day with the starting dose. You can convert cancer cells to normal cells with DMSO, but the level requires higher level to reach the area, and few people can tolerate more and also the smell, however there is no problems about dosage requirement for MSM, at larger doses such as 1000 mg x 10 times a day for that, but it also coverts fewer cancer cells to normal cells too. 

If you can reduce salt table intake it helps because the requirement of cancer requires sugar and salt, if you manage to avoid this while staying safely within allowable sodium levels and potassium levels it would be fine. Also cancer don't like potassium, the potassium preferred is potassium gluconate, potassium acetate, and potassium citrate, I prefer the latter because it relieves headaches for most cases I have seen. 

BHT 1/4 teaspoon. DMSO the more the better if you can tolerate it, but I must be taken with some aloe vera oil. The ones in Bangkok I prepared 50% DMSO with 50% Aloe vera oil for applying and taken internally. The starting dose for DMSO is at least 10 drops 5 times a day in THE MINIMUM starting dose. 

Ascorbic acid you can start with 1000 mg every 2 hours. Sleeping time, you can take 2000 or 3000 mg all at once, since you need your sleep.

molasses has sugar and should be discontinued.

To alkaline, the best form is potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate, but sodium bicarbonate is quick fix because they are easier to find. Longer term I look at potassium. There is one critical aspect to keep potassium and magnesium in the cells and it is taurine. You can take it 1000 mg taken 4 or 5 times a day. What is amazing about taurine is it keeps normal electrolytes in balance.

The chemical name for Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, I don't like these forms because they cause vomiting and also kidney problems. I prefer magnesium chloride or trimagnesium citrate.

First, milk is generally not helpful. So why cottage cheese? It is also not generally helpful. For certain rare cancers, yes Budwig diet works, but in general it doesn't work that well. Flaxseed in Budwig does work because cancer cells needs a lot of oils, but the problem about flaxseed is that it oxidizes too easily once it is taken up by the cancer cells. It's much like a trojan horse, we just use cottage cheese as nutrients to help cancer cells too, in hopes that flaxseed gets oxidized and kill from the inside out. But to use cottage cheese alone is not good, or calcium alone I would not do.

No. All kinds of oil helps cancer cells proliferate, with the possible exception of flaxseed because it gets oxidized so quickly killing cancer cells that way before it has any use.

Borax helps normalized calcium metabolism, in other words calcium in the bones and not anywhere else. It's good. Borax also kills cancer cells, especially bone cancer.

CAN YOU COMMENT ON BITTER INDIAN HERB ? LIKE bitter gourd, fenugreek(Methi), Neem ? 


Keeps your blood sugar normal. A primary remedy to control cancer cells if your blood sugar are normal. I have one patients after he eats one hour is blood sugar is 160. If that happens its of prime importance to get blood sugar normal. If you don't to do anything else you do this: keep it below 110 after meals is very important, and before meals below 90.

No cayenne peppers. Sure it works against prostate cancer in vitro and sure it works for skin cancer. But it promotes cancer as it promotes inflammation, especially liver cancer and other cancers.

Black pepper works briefly then within a week the cancer learns and adapts then it stops working. Ginger is fine for general cancer. Curry powder and tumeric or curcumin especially is good.


Yes it works by stimulating the immune system and sluggish system.

You can never forget Lugol's iodine. Try to get 30 drops per day. It works out like this: 6 drops x 5 times a day, if you can. It kills cancer cells. There are some MMS lover killing cancer cells but I think they are halogens, only difference is chlorine is toxic to healthy cells but iodine isn't. There one more story about MMS, they claim it cures malaria. Yes, but 20 drops 5 times a day for iodine Lugol's can do the same, only without heart attacks, since chlorine is known to do that (it raises blood pressure in some cases). My friend sells MMS, he likes it because of the popularity spread by Jim Humble, but he doesn't like my Lugol's iodine because it produces less profit. Of course he cannot say because he makes money from MMS.

You shouldn't take sugar of any kinds, especially fructose. It will grow the tumor quickly. It is important that you include 1/2 teaspoon of Lysine with 1/2 teaspoon of threonine, which it will stop cancer from spreading. It helps that you add green tea extract too.

You can try Budwig Diet, it doesn't work on all cancer, but very few it does. The one that works across all cancers is bromelain, digestive enzyme, threonine, lysine, proline, tannic acid, lugol's, crocodile blood, snakes blood, andrographis paniculata, acanthacea, etc. in varying degrees. It's easy to do broccolli, but you will do the opposite if take with every meal before, and Lugol's are easy to find, tannic acid for example. My remedy for cancer is always Lugol's, lysine, bromelain, vitamin C, vitamin B3, threonine, and possibly taurine.

EDTA, is to take it at a level that won't cause diarrhea and bleeding. Since dosages varies I can't say but I can say that EDTA if I prepare in a dropper 70% tetrasodium EDTA I would give at least 10-20 drops 3 times a day is the level I don't see any side effects.

07/01/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "1) Try potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate. The body should get rid of water.

2) You should take lysine, threonine to help tired feeling. every hour four hours in morning and every hour for four hours. It should increase energy on the third day.

3) Lysine, threonine, iodine, and green tea at least is needed to stop cancer's advancement.


07/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "should i continue Baking soda and ACV or BSM and BS? how long ?/ how about Borax water ??

If you feel better you should continue, if not lower dose until you feel no side effect 

I am also have Hydrogen Peroxide-35% foodgrade. should i use with dmso ?? as i read it nuetralise DMSO ??


It probably will. Hydrogen peroxide 35% is probably 1-5 drops per liter of water used as drinking water.


another thing I bought SPIRULINA POWDER may help with energy level.




Most important to take is Lysine and threonine. iodine and DMSO. 
for now. It's not the best but it is what you got.
Too much lugol's make you dizzy so


Is any of them can be taken with food and can be combined ??


Taken separately is better."

07/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "should i continue Baking soda and ACV or BSM and BS? how long ?/ how about Borax water ??

If you feel better you should continue, if not lower dose until you feel no side effect 

I am also have Hydrogen Peroxide-35% foodgrade. should i use with dmso ?? as i read it nuetralise DMSO ??

It probably will. Hydrogen peroxide 35% is probably 1-5 drops per liter of water used as drinking water.

another thing I bought SPIRULINA POWDER--- do you know how it is ?/ will it help to gain energy ??

It may gain some energy.

Out of all which will you Advise to be most important to use first ??

Lysine and threonine.
iodine and DMSO. 
for now. It's not the best but it is what you got.
Too much lugol's make you dizzy so

Is any of them can be taken with food and can be combined ??

Taken separately is better."

For energy you use 400 mg of CoQ10, this is most important.

It takes 2 days on the average to arrest the growth of cancer and most of the pain with the suggested protocol, the bromelain will digest the cancer, that will take a lot longer. It is most important to keep your blood sugar below 110 mg/dL after 1 hour of eating food. The fastest record I can stop cancer metastasis is within the first intake is 1 day, using the beta glucan 1/2 teaspoon twice in addition to my old protocol. 

All research on benefits of fruits don't include sugar, they prepare a fruit extract. You do the same, extract of Pineapple comes from the stems not the fruits. NO SUGAR. I have one rule that I can never break: No Sugar. Those protocols that use sugar DO NOT WORK, I don't care if its maple sugar with baking soda, fructose to convert into acetic acid, or whatever. It's disinformation. I know because people on those protocol complain to me that their cancer suddenly went metastatic (about 2 hours after consuming on the average), and then I switch to no sugar it always works, but to stop metastatic, it always the lysine. Dr. Rath a protege of Linus Pauling has a more elaborate protocol of lysine but the main thing is the lysine. As far as alkalization is concerned yes you do that, but very small amounts an the best one is potassium citrate.


You take CoQ10 ubiquinone for your energy. If not enough, Alpha lipoic acid + Acetyl Carnintine I usually add. Is also helpful for cancers.
Anemia is a problem with cancer patients, but I used crocodile blood pills usually helps or cooked blood (Blood soups are common). But for vegetarians, maybe ferrous gluconate. I haven't completely solved this problem, but these supplements reduce anemia. Although it would be nice if I found a vegetarian or amino acid solution for this one, without the ferrous gluconate. Crocodile blood also is anti cancer and we pick up their immunity by consuming them, same thing as snakes blood and there is a woman who was reported cured of cervical cancer with just eating them, there are scientific literature to support it. Long story!

Is fine. Horseradish reduces blood sugar.


Budwig Diet will be fine for now, but some cancer patients gets worse. You just have to test that, for people on my side, I see no benefit, perhaps they are viral since most are liver cancer (from Hepatitis B).

Cottage cheese might be ok, and whey protein and colostrum.

Nuts and most seeds are fine, but not peanuts. My rule is simple: No sugar and no oils. Exception is coconut oil, I am not certain about flax, I get mixed results, perhaps it is the quality of oil.

Yes bitter gourd, freshly squeeze carrot juice is ok, as are phyllantus amarus, which is anti cancer, and a few others. It is necessary that coriander (chinese parsley) be added to lower blood sugar. Phyllantus amarus also does this too.

I know Brain Tumor/cyst is Very Different Animal so It may require some strict Diet and Guideline. and vigilance, Am i Right?

Yes, but there is one rule that applies to all cancer - No sugar and no carbs. Just this one variable and the other is to get your fasting blood sugar down to ideally below 90 mg/dL or 100 after meals will get your survival rate (or success) to 95% is good enough. I think the other missing element that helps blood sugar down is no oils, or you can have it, after you control blood sugar, then it taken as a dietary supplement, such as once a week or twice a week.

Though Since First day on diet (MSM ,LYSINE, VITAMIN-C, ACV-BS (night), Recently started Lugols Iodine (very Powerful- 5 drops 3 times-Avg--going up slowly. I will be adding CoQ 10 as i just received and Other item I am waiting.) and Now It is Lots difference. way much better.

It helps if you find some green tea extract or some mangosteen tannin. CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L carnitine will get you energy. But there is one more where energy is derived, short chain fatty acid. It is found in oat bran, not oat meals, there is less of it. The oatmeal will ferment into short chain fatty acid, and will produce butyric acid. You can take butyric acid, by leaving out in closed bag of cheddar cheese, and take the liquid portion after being in room temperature for 2 days. The stinking oil is butyric acid or you can buy it.

I have always used clove oil in my anti cancer remedy, but it doesn't work in getting cure in 10 days, or 30 days, or 300 days. But it does help cancer pain and reduce the tumor. The remedy I used is for localized pain management or isolated tumor in the leg for example, where I mixed 50% DMSO, 25% clove oil, and 25% castor oil, and some lugols (if you want) to further the kill. If you can achieved a cure with just clove it would be wonderful, but I found it doesn't.

Hot peppers have mixed results, while it decreases cancer of prostate, it increases tumors in the colon, pancreas, and especially the liver. Carrot and beets always ok. No salt, it actually fuel cancer growth, exception is if your blood test is low on chloride and you got low blood pressure.

You're missing out on some bromelain that will help digest some cancer. Bromelain breaks down the cancer proteins along the bloodstream and preventing at least, from metastasis, and help breakdown the cancer proteins.

if it gets worse, there are a couple of remedies that reduce blood sugar, N acetyl Cysteine 500 mg, Alpha Lipoic acid (preferably the R- form) 500-1500 mg, coriander, these consistently reduce blood sugar, and Acetyl Carnitine 500 mg. There is a Thai medication Yakeow, is taken such as 5 to 10 tablet it immediately reduces blood sugar very fast, but is not available in other countries, except Thailand, and perhaps Laos, Burma and Cambodia.

Sugar could cost you your life in cancer cases, All oils are eliminated, it causes sugar to go up. Including Budwig diet, but is exception if sugar is not the problem, and taken in small amounts, as flaxseed is oil too, and I rarely see success, perhaps it is wrong form, etc, but it's hard to use for me.

7/25/11Budwig diets is good if blood sugar is under control, or general cancer is improving, but I don't see general improvement in Budwig diet. So please discontinue! I don't know why they keep promoting this.


It doesn't cause immediate relief, but you are doing correctly. Your i