functional, holistic remedies for modern folks

ah1n1H1N1 is starting it's killing spree across North America continent. It's merciless and non-discriminatory. Young folks as well as elderly are being effected.  So gear up your own immune defense mechanism with some simple ideas.

Take just a few minutes a day this winter season to prevent/reduce future suffering from the infection. Of course there's no guarantee that you will not catch the bug, but you will give your body a good fighting chance and improve your recovery time. 

For some that believes in vaccines, just be aware of these bugs mutates quickly that vaccines may not be very effective. However, strengthening your immune system is not just good for the flu bug, but good for your whole body, soul, and mind. 

1. Vitamin D3 - get at least 5,000 to 10,000 IU per day for adults. Break into 2-3 dosages. Reduce dose for children with less weight.

2. Resveratrol - super anti-oxidants, boosts your immune system by catching those free radicals that makes you weak. Reports shown this supplement has anti-viral properties in that it inhibits the influenza-A virus from replicating. H1N1 is a type of influenza-A virus. Follow instruction on bottle.

3. EpiCor - 500 mg capsule a day. This is an all natural yeast-based fermentate product that boosts immune functions in healthy individual. Can be taken all year long.

Other things you can do is to boost your Vit C intake to 3-5 grams/day throughout the day as well as Vit E. Eliminating or reduce sugar and grain intake. Eat lots of fresh dark green and colorful vegetables will boost your anti-oxidant capacity to strengthen your immune system and improves inflammation. Taking live probiotics such as milk and/or water kefir will give your body an extra boost of immune fighting strength. In addition, take raw ACV (apple cider vinegar), food grade hydrogen peroxide, magnesium &  zinc will all help. 

Bottom line, to stay strong and healthy, just 3 thing things you need to remember: take in as much anti-oxidants as possible (reduces your oxidative stress), eat foods that alkalizes, and detox the toxins and gunk from your body. You will feel well. You can read more on this website as well as many others on the internet. 

You can find all these supplements at your local nutritional center as well as online. If you want to know where I like to buy my supplements, visit the right panel on my website: busybodyhealth.com.

To your good health.