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crohnsCrohn's disease (aka ulcerative colitis, or leaky gut) is actually caused by the same organism, avium paratuberculosis. It causes different symptoms in each individuals depending on their DNA makeup. Same organismalso causes 'Johne's disease' in cows.

The one remedy that seems to be consistent enough in relieveing the disease is humic acid . Humic acid kills nearly all harmful anaerobes (organism that grows withouth air, or requires oxygen-free conditions t live) that are involved in decay of organic materials. Oxygen is toxic to anaerobes.

What is Humic Acid?

It is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine from India, referred as shaljit. Very few people know about it. But more people know about the people of Hunza who lived to be over 100 years old. It comes from the leornardite layers of the brown coal. Leonardite is the plant juices that dried up through oxidation. It was formed when dinosaurs were roaming the earth. Humic acid contains an active ingredient called fulvic acid which is able to chelate over 70+ minerals.

An interesting side note: Peat moss mummies in Europe are actually high in humic acid, that's why they can't be decayed. This reflects the fundamental basis of the humic acid remedy.

Please keep in mind that there's no one single thing you can do to heal yourself, like one single drug to treat your symptoms.  The premise for natural health is to improve your immune system as a whole, so that it can heal itself. So the more things you are willing to adapt to as a lifestyle change, the sooner and quicker your body will heal itself.

10 Things You Can Take to Improve the Condition: 

1. Humic acid granules 1:10, with average of 5 granules ine size fo the letter "o" on a Times Roman letter in your computer. Dissolve in water and drink with each meal, and perhaps before sleep. Humic Acid is available here

2. Lysine and threonine are essential towards recovery as well, which may take time (3-6 mos). Lys & Thr should be taken in large doses: 1000mg x 6 times a day, and BCAA at similar doses. 

3. Food pH has to be 7.0 - 7.5 or else it'll have a reaction (mostly from) the paratuberculosis that's in the stomach. You can drink alkaline water or lemon water to aide in this process. See here for a list of alkaline/acid forming foods. 

4. Aloe vera oil, it may help but some people have reaction to that. In fact, most Crohn's and Ulcerative colitis cannot take any oil, vegetable fats, so try to avoid this as well as other obvious food items (artificial sugar, sugar, etc.)

5. ACV (apple cider vinegar) and baking soda  formula daily. It improves the body's own healing power and feel more energy. See here for instructions. Make sure you use raw, organic ACV and food grade baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).

6. Check for serum Vitamin D level. Optimal range is 50-70 ng/ml. See more info here

7. Probiotics in large quantities is desired. Take raw milk kefir or water kefir on an empty stomach for best absorption. Homemade kefir contains more bio-available probiotics than the store bought type. E-mail me directly if you want to make your own. I always have live milk and water grains available.

8. Fish oil (better is krill oil) with food.

9. Massage emu oil for 15-30 sec on the abdomen or other areas with pain. Cover the area with plastic wrap for 5-10 min or as long as you want. Do not drink the emu oil. Emu oil is a strong anti-inflammatory oil. Available here.

10. Oxygen therapy: Use food grade hydrogen peroxide in a very dilute formulation. Do not use the pharmaceutical grade from the drug stores because most of them contain toxic stablizers. This is based on the theory that all anaerobic micro-organisms cannot survive in a oxygen rich environment. It provides more energy to your normal cells in the body. You can find out how to do in home oxygen therapy in the 'One Minute Cure' book here. I highly recommend it.


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