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Notes from EarthClinic.com

MSM is best in curing arthritis and not HA (hyaluronic Acid). For someone with a neck arthritis, use 2000mg MSM, 5x daily plus B1 (thiamine) at 200 - 400 mg/day for numbness of extremeties.  They have found the pain was reduced 50% in 1 week and 100% in 3 weeks.

I have personally gain relief from finger joint pain by using raw apple cider vinegar. I took ~ 1 tsp of ACV in a cup of water with some honey, 2-3 times/day. It's almost like a lemonade and does not taste bad. This is a tonic solution that you should take thru' out the day if you have more than a mild condition.

I had dental work done the other day and my jaw was really achy and painful. I didn't want to resort to NASID, so I tried Vit C, 1 mg/hr for couple of hr. It helped but did not fully alleviate the discomfortl. So I thought to try tumeric. I purchased organic tumeric root powder recently and filled empty gel caps with them. I took 2 caps every 1-2-3 hr, whenever I'd remembered. After the 2nd dose, I could tell it's working. So I kept taking it. There were no side effects and the pain was subsiding. I was thrilled to find another natural alternative to pain medicine!  I felt well enough few hours later to go for my normal workout session. I took one more dose the next day, then it's all better!