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Willard's Water is a water catalyst that increases cellular absoroption & rentention of nutrients, improving normal cell functions and detoxification process. Studies have shown that the amount of vitamins flushed out in urine & feces has been decrease in the presence of WW thus representing increased absorption and retention properties.

Further studies have been done to show increased absorption of tumeric & tocotrienols...compounds have shown to have low to no water soluability.  For details of the 2012 study, see here

WW has been around since 1982 and thousands of people have reported its benefits. Although lacking funding in thorough scientific studies, its usefulness and benefits are not diminished. According to the 2012 study, the most effective dilution of WW CLEAR is 1:25,000.

WW is not effected by freezing or boiling. Do not put in carbonated drinks. 

Personal Observation: Taking Ultimate WW throughout the day in water and water kefir greatly increased my energy level beyond my normal daily activities. It does not affect my sleeping pattern nor have any noticeable side effects, but allows me to work late into the night without being as tire or drowsy as before. Use diluted Clear WW in a mist bottle and spray my eyes, helps with itchy and dried eyes. It gives me more energy than normal, but it is not a energy drink, nor gives the jitters. I've noticed increased detoxification (elimination) effect. Yay!

Be well and may God bless you all.