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WKGP1000506Making water kefir is relatively simple but expect a slight learning curve and do not give up. It's worth the investment in your health & longevity. Use orgnic ingredients to make organic water kefir. To purchase grain or ready made water kefir, see bottom of page. 

First Fermentation

1. Dissolve the sugar in water according to the chart -

Water Kefir Growth Media Ratio
Water Br. Sugar (C) Molasses (optional) Water Kefir Grains Lemon (optional)
4 C 1/4 C (or 4 Tbsp) 1/2 tsp 1/4 C (or 4 Tbsp) 1/4
2 C 1/8 C (or 2 Tbsp) 1/4 tsp 1/8 C (or 2 Tbsp) 1/8
1 C 1/16 C (or 1 Tbsp) 1/8 tsp 1/16 C (or 1 Tbsp) 1/16

2. Put everything into a clean glass jar with a lid. Kep the lid loose.

3. Leave it on the counter top or in a warm spot in the kitchen.  Wait for 24-36 hr to let it culture. I usually let mine go for 24 hr. 

1st Fermentation

4. When it's done, bubbled will be released when you move the jar slightly.  Also, taste the water - it should be slightly tarte. It may take 2-3 batches after you have received your grains to fully revive them. The grains take time to reblance itself and it should smell a little yeasty but not foul. You can still drink it. If it's 'syrupy' and sweet that's okay. The 'syrupy' characteristic is due to the polysaccharide that the grain produces, similar to what you see in fresh aloe vera juice. It is good for you. 

strainer fine meshP1000591

5. Strain the grains out using fine or extra fine strainer to catch all the baby grains. Repeat step 1 for the next batch.  You can use the same jar for the next batch. Your grains may grow 20-40% in volume in each batch. The liquid is your water kefir. You may drink it as is, or flavor it with fresh fruits or fruit juices, and follow the 2nd ferment step below to make a fizzy drink. For young children, add the juice and skip the 2nd ferment step to avoid the drink to produce too much CO2 and thus increase the alcohol content (ususally <1%). 

If you follow the steps correctly, the grains will continue to multiply indefinitely. You can feed the grains to your pets (dogs, cats, chickens). They will love it if they are in good health. You may also mix it with milk kefir for an additional immunity boost. 

Squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice into it, chill and serve. It's very refreshing on hot days.

If you want to try other flavors, following the steps below in a second ferment. Most people preferred flavored water kefir.

Second Fermentation 

-This is the optional flavoring step. You may produce very bubbly home made soda in this step (see Important below). There are many recipes out there. This is my version:

1. To every 6-7 oz. of kefir from the 1st fermentation, add 1-2 oz. of your favorite fruit juice. Add more if you like it sweeter. Sometimes, I add an extra teaspoon of the thawed concentrated grape juice for extra color. Mix well and put into a clean water bottle with a loose cap. WARNING: If you forget to loosen the cap like I did once, expect an explosion on a hot day, and a huge mess to clean up.

After 2nd Fermentation 
2. Let it ripen on the counter for another 12-24 hr. or when you see lots of bubbles gathered on the surface of the kefir. More vitamin B's and minerals are being produced at this step.

Tip: If you use Grolsch type bottles to bottle your water kefir, you may prevent possible explosions.

3. Tighten the cap, date the bottle so can keep track of them. Refrigerate and serve when chilled.

Flavor with fresh fruits
Option: You can flavor the water kefir using any fresh fruits instead, however avocado and banana don't do very well.

Important: When serving water kefir to children, please be aware of the alcohol content of the finished kefir using this method. To reduce or avoid this issue, I would recommend skipping the 2nd fermentation on the counter and just flavor the drink and consume when chilled.  If you leave the unfermented kefir in the fridge for few days, it may still develop a slight amount of alcohol.  Just experiement and see what works best for your family.   

Contact me if you would like to order your own Organic Water Kefir Grains

Other recipes to try:

Coconut Water Kefir

If you love coconut water, making it into kefir is even better! Just substitute the water portion with fresh coconut water. You do not need to add sugar to the mix because coconut water is naturally sweet and it will feed the grains on its own. Also, you may skip the dried fruit and lemon. You also don't need to add anything during the 2nd fermentation step. 

Creamy Ginger Spice

After 24 hr of fermentation with just ginger and sugar, strain the kefir, take the liquid and add ½ Tbsp vanilla extract and 1 cinnamon stick per quart. Let sit for another 24 hr on the counter, or 24-48 hr in the fridge. Tighten the lid for more fizz. Serve cold with whip cream on top. Or add some scoops of caramel vanilla ice cream for a delicious float!

Lime Pineapple

After 24 hr of 1st fermentation with a slice of lime, strain the kefir, take the liquid and add a ½ C pineapple chunks per quart, squeeze in the lime juice and discard the lime slice. Let sit for another 24 hr on the counter, or 24 - 48 hr in the fridge.

Raspberry Mango

After 24 hr of fermentation, strain the kefir, take the liquid and add ¼ C mango (or similar tropical fruit juice) per quart. Add in ½ C raspberries. Let sit for another 24 hr on the counter, or 24-48 hr in the fridge. Tighten the lid for more fizz!

Cola Cherry

After 24 hr of fermentation of just sugar and grains, strain the kefir, take the liquid and add ¼ C cherry juice per quart. Add a couple whole cherries if desired as well. Let sit for another 24 hr on the counter, or 24 - 48 hr in the fridge. Mix in sugar to taste if desired.

To order water kefir grains or ready made water kefir,  send request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 805-738-9434. Thank you and God bless!