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Some basic health benefits of probiotics include your digestive health, immune health, allergies, women's health, urinary health, and obesity. These are healthful live bacteria ("probiotic" literally translates to "for life") that aid digestion, strengthen immunity, keep colds and allergies at bay and even help normalize cholesterol levels.

And it's easy to make your own probiotics

using century old methods cheaply and easily in your kitchen. Read more about it here and here


Fact: 80% of the body's natural defenses are found in the gut

Healthy humans are born with a gut that brims with healthy "good" bacteria.  Age, coupled with poor diet and antibiotic use, strips our intestines of healthful bacteria.  It is imperative to supplement with probiotics in order to rejuvenate your supply of friendly bacteria and nourish your digestive health.

Here's why: The lining of your digestive tract is like a fortress wall that keeps invaders (bugs and toxins) from attacking.  If you don't have enough good bacteria in your gut, then that wall is lined with holes and your entire body is in jeopardy—your blood and organs threatened.  A probiotic patches up these holes and protects your health by sticking to the colon wall and forming an impenetrable barrier.

But the ugly truth is, the majority of these probiotic promises have no research backing them up and are mere bluffs.  Unfortunately, consumers get the short end of the stick—we have to trust the claims of the probiotic manufacturers, claims that are unproven and deceiving.  Underground Health Reporter did a little sleuthing and uncovered a Gut Defense System that includes enzymes and probiotic strains scientifically proven to strengthen immune system and digestive health.

While typical probiotic supplements contain only two species of probiotic bacteria, this unique formula contains all five essential "superstar" probiotic disease-fighters.  It is also rich in all 6 of the important digestive enzymes that your body needs to absorb its nutrients—even those difficult-to-digest foods such as carbohydrates and dairy!

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