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Black mica extract is a mineral solution of black mica. It is not only the fastest way to purify water, but also the best way to remineralize and detox our bodies. Dr. Asao Shimanishi, a Japanese scientist from the 1960's, discovered after decades of research. Read more here...


The negative ion structure of mica is idential to the phosphate group of the RNA in our cells. It extracts toxins from our bodies.

Black Mica is sulfate minerals deep under water near organic vents. Similar to our hot springs and mineral springs that provides healing power. It pulls heavy metals including fluoride, removes toxins, and remineralize the water so it's healthy for us to consume. 

How to use:

5-8 drops to 8 oz of water for drinking

3 tsp to 3 gal of water for cleaning and removes pesticides on vegetables and fruits. Use for 8 mos.

5 Tbsp to a hot tub water, and keep it clean for 8 mos

The oxygen stays activated in the water for up to 8 mos.

The minerals keep the oxygen in the water activated so contaminates can't grow or form, up to 8 mos.

Chromium 6 turns into Chromium 3 upon contact with this solution. 

This neutralizes volatile organic compounds, 

Aluminum silicate sulphates complex.


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