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Summary of 24 Common Bottled Water Analysis by K Bernhardt - The Truth About Bottled Water:

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'MR' stands for 'Meets Requirement.' Although it is not stated that radioactive isotopes were detected, it is not stated that they were not detected. Therefore, one can assume that there are isotopes, but they meet requirements.

*Since many health conscious people strive to avoid consuming sulfates, we have listed sulfates in our table, allowing you to be an informed consumer and make your own decisions. 

**Radioactive Isotopes

From the Editor of the Report: If you'd like more information or to discuss other options regarding your drinking water, whether it be bottled water, filtered water, tap water, etc., we invite you to contact us at our office at 949-387-7783.

The best water to consume is natural spring water collected at the source. To find a natural sping in your area: findaspring.com. The next best thing is to drink filtered tap water. But municipal water sources often contain flouride, a neuro-toxin. Google the latest report on your city water. One recommendation is to install a reverse-osmosis (RO) filter system for drinking and cooking.  It removes any molecules smaller than the water molecule. It removes all minerals and salts as well, including lead & flouride. So if you drink RO water, make sure you supplement your diet with important minerals such as iron & manganese. One option I use is to put the RO water through Cerra Water filter, which remineralizes and deconstruct the water molecules, and make it anti-oxidant rich alkaline water.  Another option to use Himalayan Crystal Salt in your cooking.


The Truth About Bottle Water