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From: Dr Sircus.com

waterWhen we use a word like pure we have to stop, pause and ponder. In The Science of the Pure, I wrote about the very specific effect something pure has on the impure. One merges into the other, the pure becomes less pure and the impure becomes slightly more pure.

This principle can be applied in medicine. For instance if we pass pure substances through the body, substances like pure clay, activated charcoal, or even diatomaceous earth, these substances will pull to them impurities, they will clena and heal because they are so pure. All of these substances have fantastic abilities to absorb the impure.

Demineralized water reduces the water content inside body cells, and increases the excretion of water and minerals through urine. It also upsets the balance of sodium and chloride ions, and hampers the proper functions of cell membranes, many body enzymes and water-dependent hormones. There is zero or very low intake of calcium, magnesium and essential microelements from demineralized water. 

The water itself from distillers is exceptionally pure though, and one is free to add a splash of bicarbonate (baking soda) and some magnesium chloride flakes to distilled water and you have the beginning of a good thing but it still is not the best water one can drink, not by a long shot. 

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