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This is a partial list of nutraceuticals that I developed to support Mark's recovery from the accident on 6/11/2019. He came home after 10 days in the ICU, 2 weeks in Acute Rehab Center, and 4 weeks in residential rehab facilities. We fully experienced all the goodness of traditional allopathic medicine and the insurance company had to offer. 

Since coming home, through various complementary and alternative medicine modalities, he is close but still on the road to complete recovery. We have utilized the all the benefits of nutraceuticals and regain health using remedies from nature. This list is not meant to replace advise from your personal health care professionals but only as a reference. You assume all risks for following this protocol or parts thereof. Remedies are adjusted, modified, switched up from time to time to accommodate the current health conditions at the time. This is for educational purposes only. If you wish to have an individualized plan, please contact me here

ABN = Advanced Bionutritionals  
BBH = BusyBodyHealth (no filler supplements). Contact info@busybodyhealth for more info.

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Disclaimer: I have no financial affiliations with ABN or Vitacost.