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Aloe Vera PlantResearch has shown that aloe vera plant has a compound that can prevent wrinkles to help you look younger! You don't need to use creams with harsh chemicals, and it's practially free!

It’s safe and natural. Best of all…

you can grow this plant right at home. So really, it will barely cost you a thing.

Korean scientists tested this compound – in gel form – on 30 women.1 The women were all over the age of 45. Scientists measured the women’s wrinkles and elasticity. Then they gave one group 1,200 mg per day. The other half received 3,600 mg a day. The women continued using the supplement for 90 days. Once again, researchers measured the women’s wrinkles.

The results were astounding. Every single woman, including the ones in the small dose group, saw dramatic differences in their skin. Women had an improvement in facial elasticity as well as an increase in collagen production in just three months.

And it didn’t take much of the gel to make a difference. 1,200 mg is equal to only one-quarter of a teaspoon. 2

The scientists published their finding in the Annals of Dermatology. 

Aloe vera gel isn’t a new concept when it comes to healthy skin. It’s been used for centuries for its health and skin care properties. Even Christopher Columbus used it to heal wounds. The Egyptians claimed it to be “the plant for immortality.” And the evidence keeps backing up their claim.3

A review in the Indian Journal of Dermatology confirms aloe’s anti-aging effects. In the review researchers discuss how amino acids found in the gel soften hardened skin cells. They also point out that zinc, a mineral found in the plant, acts as an astringent to tighten pores.

But what in aloe gel prevents wrinkles?

One main ingredient called mucopolysaccharides, a long sugar molecule chain. It allows the skin to retain moisture, which is vital for having smooth skin. It also helps stimulate fibroblast, which produces collagen fibers. This helps the skin keep its elasticity. And with more elasticity you get fewer wrinkles.

It works on more than just your face.

In another study out of Northwestern University4, researchers studied the effects of aloe vera gel on hands. Scientists followed 30 female factory assembly-line workers with dry, damaged hands. The women wore a glove on one hand containing aloe vera gel for 30 days during their workday. In just 3.5 days the aloe vera gel gloved hand showed signs of improvement. And in 10.4 days the changes were significant. How significant?  Try a 90-100% improvement!

Bottom line: Forget the expensive, toxic, and useless wrinkle creams. Aloe vera is safe, natural, and effective. And of course, it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on the stuff.  You can grow it in your home with very little maintenance. All you need for the plant is moderate to bright light and a little water and you have an anti-aging secret growing.

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