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pom seeds
Israeli scientist studied the effects of this fruit juice in 19 subjects over a three months period. The subject ages were between 65 - 75 and all have similar levels for glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. They were all non-smokers, but only detected 10-30% blood flow, which is considered pretty severe arterial buidup.

Ten subjects drank the juice and 9 had placebos.

After three months, the thickness of the arteries decreased by 13%. And after 1 year, it was decreased by 30%1. In the placebo group, plaque increased by 9%.

Another Israeli study with this juice in mice with clogged arteries2. Pomegranate juice was added to their water in one grouop, and was compared to a placebo group. Similar results were found in just two months. The juice reduced arterial lesion size by 17%. You don't get this type of results with drugs.

Statin and other high blood pressure medication are usually prescribed to treat hardening of the arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. There's indication that they actually cause arterial calcification3.


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