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One study showed elderberry has 100% cure rate in severe flu patients. Now that's a pretty bold statement.  You definitely don't get this in conventional medicine!

It's a natural herb. A Norway study showed 60 patients between 18 - 54.2 that suffered from flu symptom for 48 hr or less. They took 15 ml of elderberry

4x /day for 5 days.  Patients who took elderberry recovered 4 days sooner than the placebo.  Symptoms improved in just two days.

How does this work? Elderberry4 is loaded with antioxidants that stimulate the immune system. And it contains anthocyanins. And there were no reported side effects.

Fact: Flu vaccine is dangerous and does not work. Tamiflu was deemed so dangerous that in Japan, they banned the drug for teenagers in 2007.3 The Japanese government claims the drug caused odd behavior, hallucinations, and delirium among patients.

A leading British medical journal, the BMJ, claims there is no evidence that Tamiflu even stops the flu.

Elderberry is 99% effective against avian flu.5


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